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How many times have you sent something to the wrong address? How much money did you waste doing it? An address validator could have reduced your losses dramatically while bringing numerous other benefits.

When customers share the wrong address, they may not do it on purpose. However, the results of simple typos can be unfortunate for your business. Validating the address every time before putting it in your database can help you avoid misunderstandings.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of using such validators.

1. Improved Address Database

The quality and security of your address database depend on the information you add to it. When managing the database, you can have access to full information about the client’s address.

A validator can help enrich the address with missing information. It could be zip codes, provinces, and the necessary abbreviations, such as “apt” “st”. Even if the overall address is correct, a validator can help you adjust the format, thus assisting the marketing and logistics teams with their efforts.

2. Quicker Data Management

When your marketing team is doing its data analysis, having full and correct information about the client is vital. Software which analyzes the demographics of the target audience, as well as other information related to their lives and preferences, requires high-quality data input.

A validator can help improve the format address information, speeding up the analysis and keeping your teams from making corrections by hand. Clear and concise information is the key to the right and fast data management.

3. Simpler Customer Profiling

In order to have an accurate profile of each customer, the right address data is vital. If a client makes a mistake typing in the address, the profile may be incomplete. In the world of AI and marketing automation, missing pieces of data can make the whole profile useless.

An address validator can easily patch all the holes in the address and make sure you don’t accidentally use the wrong information for your profiling efforts.

According to experts at Byteplant, it’s much easier and less costly to run the validator and then contact the customer for address verification than to deal with bounced mail and unhappy clients.

4. Improved Geo Mapping Efforts

Whether you need to make an analysis of your clients’ behavior or track their location for the user app purposes, failing to have the correct address can hinder your efforts. It seems easy to find the right coordinates for the address. However, it only works if you have the right data.

If any of your services are related to mapping the client’s actions, having access to the right address is vital to the success of your efforts. Meanwhile, if you need to map your own route from the warehouse to the client, failing to have an exact address will make you endure extra costs.

5. Excellent Brand Reputation

While a bounced package or letter is costly, it also hinders your company’s reputation. Imagine sending a parcel to the wrong address and informing the client to wait for it within 2 days. What happens when these two days pass and the customer doesn’t get the package?

All your efforts to explain that it’s the client’s fault because he or she has made a typo when entering an address are likely to be in vain. The client is always right. All such client will remember is not getting the package on time. Would this customer recommend your company to others?

An address validator is a seemingly simple program which can become an irreplaceable money-saving assistant for any business.