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Many companies overlook the advantages of outsourcing their IT needs. Some try to solve their problems by creating a small in-house team. Others wait for something to go wrong to start thinking about the matter.

Only a large company can afford a versatile in-house IT team, which can deal with numerous tasks simultaneously when needed and then sit idle when its help is unnecessary. A small business usually has one or two specialists, who are busy with other tasks and don’t have sufficient experience with 50% of the IT problems.

The benefits of the managed IT support for your business may not always be obvious. We asked experts from Firewall Technical to shed some light on the matter.

1. Cost-Efficiency

The salaries of the in-house IT team are a formidable expense. If your budget allows hiring a large team, you may work without outsourcing your IT needs. In the majority of cases, companies don’t have money to pay salaries to an extra dozen employees. Especially considering the fact that an average company doesn’t need these employees to work all year round.

Outsourcing your IT needs requires a much smaller investment since you don’t have the specialists sitting in your office.

2. Versatility

How many problems can one IT specialist can take care of? Usually, such experts have only a few areas of expertise. That’s why an IT team consisting of several people is a preferable choice for many companies. The more experts you have, the better covered you are. In order to feel safe, you need a rather large team, supporting which is expensive.

By outsourcing your IT needs, you get access to numerous experts in many different areas. One of them is always ready to solve your problem either remotely or on site.

3. Better Management

An in-house IT team may have many responsibilities besides taking care of server crashes and network problems. If you already have such a team, by outsourcing some of the simple yet time-consuming tasks, you are allowing your employees to focus on other important work.

An outsourced IT team can give you the opportunity to deal with your business rather than spend time on small problems. The daily IT maintenance can be frustrating and slow, diverting your employees’ attention from the important tasks at hand.

4. Round-The-Clock Support

Paying someone to stay in your office round the clock to monitor the way the network works and take care of your data safety is expensive and unnecessary. More than one person would need to be hired for the job so they could work in shifts.

By outsourcing the task to a remote IT company, you don’t have to worry about picking the right person for the job. Companies offering managed IT services have large teams of workers ready to tackle the round-the-clock tasks. They don’t need days off and vacations.

5. Reduced Risk

Every investment a company makes carries a certain risk. Hiring numerous employees to build a solid IT team takes time and money while carrying little guarantees. Meanwhile, opting for managed IT services has a formidable ROI and a reduced risk.

For a reasonable cost, you get a team of experts, who have been working on similar tasks for years. If you aren’t satisfied with their work, you can always cancel the contract or request another team to work with your company.

Final Thoughts

Taking advantage of managed IT services improves the way your business functions, reduces downtime, and brings an impressive ROI. Any company regardless of its size and needs can benefit from managed IT support.